April 14, 2006

Movie night

We were going to see Eliza, but were just worn out. Instead, we watched Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005), and WOW! If you haven't seen this, you should.

But be warned. This film speaks to a lot of our American issues with greed and self-delusion. In the most gripping scene Enron traders joke about grandmothers in California without power. They joke about making millions off the pain of others.

But watch this film and tell me that we can trust greed and the market economy to self-regulate. Please convince me that 100s of millions of dollars justify, well, anything. Tell me that as long as our culture worships wealth and power that we can expect this to occur. Oh, and the connection to Bush is clear. Of course, he says he wasn't that close to Lay. And, of course, Bush's credibility is so great.

The worst part, for me, is the silence of the church. Shame.

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Bruce said...

great movie. I think it illustrates that any system can become corrupt if power is allowed to accumulate into the hand of a few. Its a warning to safeguard the seperation of powers in own society.