April 6, 2006

And Jesus said, "Let there be Nations and nationalism"

Not really.

Did anyone catch this story about a schism between white evangelicals (some 2/3s of evangelicals consider new immigrants "a burden") and the less white versions of the evangelical church. Of course, Phyllis Schlafly, the GOP "christian" who has used her professional status as a wealthy attorney to push for keeping women out of professional careers, also opposes any leniency on immigrants.

But my favorite came from the Christian Coalition: 'We think our national boundaries should be respected. That's a biblical principle also,' said Christian Coalition lobbyist Jim Backlin." Really? I am trying to remember where Jesus voiced his preference for nationalism? Anyone?


A friend of mine suggested that the last bumper sticker (in the last post) was a bit on the vulgar side. I agree. It is almost as vulgar as someone with the character of Tom DeLay impeaching Clinton for lying about sex but looking the other way when the President a) throws the 4th amendment out the window, b) asserts that he doesn't have to follow laws he signed, c) asserts the ability to declassify any information he wants as long as it helps him politically, all the while pledging to prosecute reporters who publish stuff that hurts him politically.

So here is the deal. I will apologize for the bumper sticker, when the GOP and their supporters apologize for impeachment and sticking me with 8 years of Bush/Darth.


BTW, if anyone didn't listen to the news (and I don't have the link handy) Scooter evidently said that Bush personally authorized leaking the Niger uranium story to the Times. So when he says that he is against leaks, he only means the ones that show him tearing up the 4th amendment (warrantless search, anyone?).

Say it with me: "if the president's last name was Clinton instead of Bush, then even Republicans would be mad about this."

Dammit. Just can't come up with a pithy way of putting that.


Bruce said...

now when the opinion poll people call and ask you for a word that you think best describes president Bush, we should all start saying "Clintenesque" just to remind people of the witchhunt .

Wasp Jerky said...

"'We think our national boundaries should be respected. That's a biblical principle also,'"

Hmmm. Maybe we should give back all that land we took from Mexico.