April 27, 2006

A few issues

First, found this on Moral Contradictions. As it turns out, the American Dream isn't what we think.
"Several other experts invited to review his work endorsed the general findings, although they were reticent about accompanying policy recommendations.
'This debunks the myth of America as the land of opportunity, but it doesn't tell us what to do to fix it,' said Bhashkar Mazumder, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland who has researched this field."

Read it. So much of the conservative response assumes this economic reality.


Listened to NPR today. No religious radio. Thought about the voracious nature of capitalism. The recent oil prices suggest that the economy might not grow at the same rate. Capitalism is never satisfied. How is that compatible with the Christian faith?


Speaking of capitalism and oil. All the hubbub regarding the oil prices annoys me. A) the oil companies are right (to an extent). They do what they do. It is irrational to punish them for profiting when capitalism tells them to profit. B) I have no problem with higher oil prices. Higher prices will force the issue of alternative fuels and conservation. Correct that: I have one major problem. This will hurt those at the bottom more than anyone else. Any political steps should be aimed at reducing the disruption for the poor. C) NPR noted that all politicians (both sides of the aisle) don't want to call on conservation. They don't want to ask the American people to sacrifice. If there was ever a political effort where the church should (I say should) be leading, it should be this sense of sacrificing comfort and liesure for some public good.

But they aren't. James Dobson spoke out against the evangelicals standing against global warming, saying something like "we reject any policy that prefers animals over human beings." Idiot. If he was not a complete moron, he might recognize that human beings are animals and that we all live in the same nest. But he is an idiot. Dr. or not. Christians, if they care about their world, should shun people like Dobson, Falwell, and Robertson like such bad trash.


Still on the idea of the oil prices. I filled up today and winced. But I am trying to reduce my usage. I look at the people driving Hummers and Suburbans by choice and feel the desire to flip them the bird. After all, they are sending a giant "fuck you" to the rest of us and the planet. We should all return the sentiment.


One more thing. Walking through our local Hastings, I glanced over the current issues publications. Anyone who continues the mantra of the liberal elite needs to do the same. Count how many books are in the conservative camp. For every Al Franken, there are two Ann Coulter's and Sean Hannity's; Hugh Hewitt's and Laura Ingram's. I am tired of this verse. Conservatives control the vast majority of the news and information. Time we acknowledge that.


Ok, that is enough for today. Go listen to some good music.


mary said...

Hmmmm. I'd like to refer you to a really good discussion in a post on DailyKos about these same subjects, but the whole topic is so maddening and full of Catch-22s I had to take a break halfway through reading the comments. I don't know what it would do for your stress levels, so proceed at your own risk...

Anonymous said...

Oh boo hoo, complaining about gas prices. I'm a proud AMERICAN who actually gets it. American still has the cheapest gas in the world....Germany is paying over $7.00 a GALLON..get that a GALLON. You don't hear them screaming and crying.

Why I would think some anti-sematic, God hating, jerk would understand is beyond me. You're a waste of air.

Streak said...
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Wasp Jerky said...

I was going to bring up the bit about Europeans paying $7 a gallon, but it looks like someone beat me to it. Of course, Europeans also have decent public transportation, so they don't drive as much to begin with.

At any rate anonymous, I'm sure you never drive a car, but instead walk and ride a bicycle everywhere you go, right? You're so much better than the rest of us.