April 26, 2006

Slow blogging

ubub asked why I haven't "updated the damn blog." Short answer is that I have been so busy and so stressed that I haven't even kept up. Long answer is that my emotions are so depleted this week that I don't know what to say. It isn't a terrible week by any definition, and much of the stress is either fatigue or opportunity--but still stress. I know I am short tempered. I have snapped at more than one student this week--though most of them have deserved it. But still. I don't like to snap. Even when students complain about grades or don't show up for class or refuse to quiet down when we are discussing class matters.


But most of this is fatigue on all sides. I hope to return to some semblance of blogging/ranting/railing at the world. But for now, I am hoping to catch up on some sleep. Tomorrow I do yoga, get a hair cut (hippie) and possibly listen to some music. Make that "definitely listen to some music." Need to retune the guitar. Play some music. Refocus.



Bootleg Blogger said...

Hey Streak- As far as our bodies are concerned, stress is stress. I'm still waiting on the yoga photos:-). I'm dealing with a couple deadlines this week and will hopefully feel a bit freer come Monday. Your posts keep me constantly reminded how much music can add to our lives (as can all of the arts for that matter). Your suggestions keep me checking out new stuff, although I must admit that when stressed I often turn to more rowdy stuff in addition to your listings. I just downloaded Audioslave's "Out of Exile" CD. "Doesn't Remind Me" is a great reminder of what you can do with a simple E and A cord change (and a little distortion), the right rhythm, and a cool rock melody. Having that voice doesn't hurt, either. Anyway, check it out if you're needing to dissipate some energy before you mellow out. Peace, bro-BB

Greek Shadow said...

The best way to destress is to cut down on music that raises your bloodpressure and heartrate. Try classical or easy listening. Gentle and smooth. It may drive you crazy at first, but it will relax you which is what your after. Remember David used to provide this function for Saul when he was in a bad mood.