May 18, 2006


I remember my senior year in high school that it snowed on my birthday in Colorado. The one snow day that annoyed me since I had little school work to do and many friends to see.

Birthdays are just weird. Yesterday's was fine. I played golf with a friend which was both enjoyable and annoying (kind of the definition of golf). I played well at times, but on 17 ended up in the sand trap for more than a few strokes. It must have seemed amusing for my playing partner who most likely just saw sand and heard the swearing. I wasn't amused.

My parents called. My sister-in-law called with their family ritual of the entire family singing "Happy Birthday" to you on the phone. That was pretty funny this time.

The comments from my last post made me appreciate my friends (blog and other--you know who you are). The contrast between Nicole's and Greek Shadow's comments made me feel like I was on a roller coaster (you're not as old as my parents :) -- you are too young to talk about age). Reminded me of a funny example this semester. One student was shocked (shocked, I say) to find out I listened to Arcade Fire AND Ryan Adams. Undoubtedly, she was expecting a lot less hip music to be playing on my Ipod. Feeling a little "hip" I ran into another student from another class. He asked what I was listening to, and I said "The New Pornographers" expecting a similar response. He said, and I quote, "I think MY FATHER LISTENS TO THEM." Sigh.

SOF took me out to dinner to round off a pretty good day. Thanks for all your nice wishes.

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