May 15, 2006

Our President's military

It has always amazed me that military people continue to support Bush. I have nothing against the military and have a great respect for people who serve, but their willingness to ignore Bush's anti-military stance bothers me. Here are just a few examples of how this President and Rummy have completely undermined the very military they use for political power.
The Washington Monthly points to a Wall Street Journal article where a retired General points out how ridiculous the President's lie of "if the Generals want more troops, we will give them more troops."
"Today Gen. Batiste says the encounter left him furious with Mr. Rumsfeld. 'We had fought and argued about these issues internally ad nauseam and a decision had been made ... . You get what you get and do the best you can. I am not going to air our dirty laundry in public. That is our culture,' he says. 'It was an outrageous question and he knew I couldn't give him an honest answer in a public forum. I felt as though I had been used politically.'"

Or as we await our President's obvious political ploy to use national guard troops to guard the border, this story that the Army is so strapped that they are sending out troops who are either suicidal or completely emotionally and mentally unstable. That isn't right.

This morning, I listened to Diane Rheme on my way home from Yoga. A guy from the national guard was talking about our President's military policy. He really hates (as do I) the way that this President and Cheney sold this war as an easy venture. He was critical of those who want to withdraw, but also noted that there should be alternatives. I really understand that. As horrified as I have been with the implementation of this war, I am afraid that complete withdrawal will have far more negative consequences than staying. But staying should be with a serious plan. He said something about locking 10 of the brightest minds in a room until they come up with some ideas. As he said, "America should have more choices than George W. Bush or Cindy Sheehan."

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