May 20, 2006

Even our best non-stick pans wear off eventually

Americans don't like President Bush personally much anymore, either:
"WASHINGTON - It's not just the way he's doing his job. Americans apparently don't like President Bush personally much anymore, either.

A drop in his personal popularity, as measured by several public polls, has shadowed the decline in Bush's job-approval ratings and weakened his political armor when he and his party need it most.

Losing that political protection - dubbed 'Teflon' when Ronald Reagan had it - is costing Bush what the late political scientist Richard Neustadt called the 'leeway' to survive hard times and maintain his grip on the nation's agenda. Without it, Bush is a more tempting target for political enemies. And members of his party in Congress are less inclined to stand with him.

'When he loses likeability, the president loses the benefit of the doubt,' said Dennis Goldford, a political scientist at Drake University in Iowa. 'That makes it much harder for him to steer.'"

Of course, his aides, such as the criminal Karl Rove maintains that Bush is still well-liked--they are just unhappy about the war. Wishful thinking on his criminal part. I think the squinting smirking dumbass act is starting to wear thin.

Of course, it never worked on me.

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