May 26, 2006

Wow, Bush admits error--and his cult following not happy

Sort of. Or as Shaun calls it: "A sociopathic sort of contrition." The lessons learned, as Shaun points out, were along the lines of "other people" not understanding him. He did mention Abu Ghraib, but almost put it in the past tense, as if we had stopped all those kinds of things, and he didn't take personal responsibility for anything except the tough talk. If you watch the video, it seems very rehearsed--as if he is reading his approved mistakes off a cue card.

This morning, while surfing the tv hoping that Keith Olbermann addressed Pat Robertson's unbelievable claim that he could leg press 2,000 pounds, and came across Bill Bennett on CNN. Gambler Bill, evidently, has a radio show (poor conservatives, rarely represented in the media) and he told Soledad O'Brien how his listeners responded to Bush's press conference last night. He (and they) fawned over his remarks on the war. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Strong, blah blah blah.

The apology? Well, not so much. They didn't like him apologizing for a lack of sophistication, because, after all, sophistication is for the liberal elite--not the plain talking people like George and the idiots who listen to Bill Bennett! In fact, said the Billster, they would have preferred a response like, "my biggest mistake was assuming the media could accurately report on the war."

Wow. I just stared. Evidently there are still people who really love Bush and like that he acts stupid and governs even worse. They like the war, because they like war--evidently. Good Godly Presidents invade and shoot people. Apologizing for torture or speaking like an idiot is for liberal pansies.

To be fair, I certainly know how education often doesn't result in "good people" and understand very well that there are a great many "unsophisticated" and "uneducated" Americans who are amazing people and who make great contributions to our country. Many of them could be a much better President than Bush, in fact. And the problem with Bush is that he is a part of the elite. He got out of VN and into Harvard Business School because of his elite status. When first running for office, he raised money by simply mailing his mother's fucking Christmas Card list!!!

He should not be rewarded for dumbing down. And he certainly should not be rewarded for some of the worst policy this country has ever seen.


Popcorn Hicken said...

Damn straight.
I know some people who are gonna say "well there, he apologized, are you satisfied now?" Not bloody likely. This new stance is still a far distance from Bush and Blair deciding months before they told the public that they were going to invade Iraq, together. Bush can't keep up with his own lies now, and we on the left and those who represent us on the hill never could either.
Perhaps in a democracy, those people who have twice voted for Bush should be held accountable for supporting him in the face of such damning evidence against them. I will take that up with my own relatives on the Right, right away.
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Anonymous said...

I really have nothing to say other than where have you been.

--CIL in an Apple Store in Laramie