May 14, 2006

OU and OSU agree

The Simpsons episode tonight addressed the teaching of creation "science." Unfortunately, the public dialogue on this subject has been lacking and I am very glad that the Zoology departments from OU and OSU have spoken out about evolution being a fact. Our society likes to create false opposites under the guise of fairness (as Norman's own state representative illustrates in this story) where any alternative explanation is an equally valid explanation.
The Norman Transcript - 'Where we stand': "Ola Fincke, zoology professor who drew up the original draft of the statement, said calling evolution a "fact" probably surprises many in the public. However, she said it is the sole explanation for organism creation that can be tested, but has not been proven wrong.

"There is no valid alternative to evolution," Fincke said."

Presenting Intelligent Design or Creation as science is intellectually dishonest and misleading. Intelligent Design is about faith. Evolution is about science. I don't see what is so difficult about that.

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