May 11, 2006

This needs to stop

I hope I am over-reacting to this NSA database issue. I hope that the Bush supporters are right. But since we have no hearings or investigations by our congress, we really don't know, do we? The same people who assured us that they knew where the wmd were and that we would be greeted as liberators want us to just trust them.

[BTW, I just realized one very personal area where I have seen this shit before. My church split after I left college. It split because they had called a real dirt bag as a pastor. A real idiot. Not only was he one of the worst preachers I ever heard, he was, by all accounts a wife abuser. Many people in that church recognized they had made a huge error in calling him. But a good half of the church felt that since God had "led" them to call him, who were they to question God? It feels like a good many Americans feel the same way about Bush. Perhaps this is just one of the reasons I am skeptical when someone assures me they know what God believes on any given subject. But as bad as it was for a church, it is horrible for a country.]

Ok, I know I have a relatively small audience here. But some of you also blog and know other people. I am asking that we all take a few minutes and call our representatives. I just did. Better yet, since both senators didn't even want to know my name, take 5-10 minutes and write a hand-written note asking for some investigation into this President. I don't care if you are Republican or Democrat, we all live under a system of laws, and we all know that we elect a president not a king.

With all respect, ask that we simply exercise checks and balances.