May 30, 2006

Republican mantra: blame the messenger

I believe this is from March, but Crooks and Liars has a great clip of Lara Logan addressing the ridiculous "blame the media" meme that the Republicans are running with. See, according to them, everything is going well in Iraq--it is just the media who is misreporting it.

Watch Lara Logan address those charges in this clip--and keep watching for the last part when she takes on Laura Ingram's "reporting from hotel balconies" comment. Logan points out that security dominates the daily lives of everyone in Iraq, so why wouldn't it dominate the media. They can't report on anything unless the military takes them to it. They are not allowed to report on positive improvements for fear that that will invite sabotage and reprisal.

Just yesterday, two CBS employees were killed--veterans who put their lives on the line everyday. Why is it that Republicans can blame everyone except the guy who ordered the invasion and then supported the failed policies of Rumsfeld?

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