May 4, 2006

Sin: cont.

Thanks to Anglican for this, but here is a great little example of how the ten commandments have become more weapon than shared confession.

Short version: Stigler, Oklahoma erects ten commandments monument on their courthouse at the behest of a local pastor. Monument not only seems like an idol, but misspells adultery for number 7.

The Friar (blog owner) extends a lot of grace to the pastor for his belief that God called him to do this and that his motives were essentially good. I will leave that up to him. But this does expose a clear problem with the current ten commandment controversy.

The Christians in Stigler don't seem to have noticed the error, because the ten commandments statue/monument/idol is not for them. Much like the school prayer debate, nothing is stopping the concerned Christians from reading the commandments, or praying, or studying the Bible. It seems clear that their intent is to make others do these things.

And that is the problem.

4 comments: said...

The opening sentence implies that this is somehow my fault. I've never been to Stigler, Oklahoma. I promise.

Streak said...

Hah. Poor writing this morning. I agree. this is not your fault.

u.b.u.b. said...

I disagree -- this is ALL Anglican's fault. Why don't you ever report on the success we are having in Stigler, OK? Why do you keep focusing on the bad news, Anglican?

Monk-in-Training said...

It is entirely my fault, if any. ;)

Actually, my goal is to get in contact with Pastor Bush and enter into a dialog with him on helping the poor of his locality.