May 19, 2006

Bush world

Kevin Drum points to this story and wonders if anyone cares.
....As has been the case with other people deemed to be insufficiently loyal, the White House went fishing for dirt on the two station chiefs, including information on their political affiliations. "I spent 30 years at the CIA," said one former official, "and no one was ever interested in knowing whether I was a Republican or a Democrat. That changed with this administration. Now you have loyalty tests."

This administration has politicized areas that should not be politicized. Imagine what religious righters would have said about Clinton had his administration demanded absolute loyalty to work in the CIA. As someone said the other night on Colbert, Bush has prized loyalty over results. And yet, his "base" doesn't care.

What a fog this administration has placed across our political landscape. Helped in a great part by people like James Dobson, who most recently showed what his brand of Christianity really values. No, it isn't fighting poverty, or extending grace. No, it isn't saving God's creation. Nope. Got to stop the gays. And the preverts.

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