May 21, 2006

A brave person

Perhaps not as brave as Colbert--in that she spoke to a largely sympathetic crowd. But it took some guts to rightly go after McCain. I have never completely trusted McCain, but have admired him at times for at least showing common sense and some ethics when he chastised the Repubs for their "swiftboating" tactics. Speaking to Falwell's university was horrible. Falwell consistently undermines our very republic and stands for everything that is wrong with Christianity today.
The Blog | Jean Rohe: Why I Spoke Up | The Huffington Post: "More importantly, I feel obligated to respond to one thing that McCain told the New York Times. 'I feel sorry for people living in a dull world where they can't listen to the views of others,' he said. This is just preposterous. Yes, McCain was undoubtedly shouted-out and heckled by people who were not politely absorbing his words so as to consider them fully from every angle. But what did he expect? We could've all printed out his speech and chanted it with him in chorus. Did he think that no one knew exactly what he was about to say? And it was precisely because we listen to the views of others, and because, as I said in my speech, we don't fear them, that we as a school were able to mount such a thorough and intelligent opposition to his presence. Ignorant, closed-minded people would not have been able to do what we did. We chose to be in New York for our years of higher education for the very reason that we would be challenged to listen to opposing viewpoints each and every day and to deal with that challenge in a nonviolent manner. We've gotten very good at listening to the views of others and learning how to also make our views heard, even when we don't have the power of national political office and the media on our side."

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