August 13, 2006

Another live music experience

little tired, but saw Alejandro Escovedo at the Blue Door tonight. Almost talked myself out of it, but as usual, was well worth the effort.

He put on a great show and there is much that I enjoyed. But I think my favorite part was his introduction to a song about his father who passed away at 97 in the last few years. He talked about what his father taught him and gave him, and noted that this man, who came from Saltillo, Mexico and worked for a time as a migrant worker, had also provided so very much to his new country. These, Alejandro pointed out, were the people that so many want to stop from entering America.

One other moment. He introduced Castanets with this: "We didn't play this song for a while because we found out it was on George Bush's favorite Ipod list. But we can play it now because he is on his way out."

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