August 26, 2006

Another War Widow who hates Freedom?

Another brave person stands up to Bush.
War Widow To Bush: "You're Here To Serve The People. And The People Are Not Being Served With This War." | TPMCafe: "But Halley has just given me a much more detailed account of her meeting with Bush. She told me that she went much farther in her criticism of the President, telling him directly that he was 'responsible' for the deaths of American soldiers and that as a 'Christian man,' he should recognize that he's 'made a mistake' and that it was his 'responsibility to end this.' She recounted to me that she was 'very direct,' telling Bush: 'As President, you're here to serve the people. And the people are not being served with this war.'"
And to be fair, in her account of meeting with the President, you do get a sense that he has compassion. Unfortunately, he either listens to other (Cheney, Rove) voices more, or just can't connect that better person to his policies and political actions.

I want to believe in that Bush. I really do. But then I hear Karl Rove outline the strategy for the fall--which of course, is to say to the American people, "if you elect a democratic congress or senate, you might as well be sending Osama an engraved invitation." It is horrible political dialogue, and we are all diminished by it.

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Bruce said...

i'm sure that bush finds the idea of the people quite "quaint". of course his upbringing would hardly lead him to identify with people not of the privilged class. So while I'm sure that bush has a sense of compassion for people he has internalized class biases that allow people like rove and cheney to manipulate him. He might feel sympathy for the people losing their children in his misguided war but I'm sure that in his head he's thinking "but that's the way things have to be..."