August 16, 2006

This just in: Richard Land is a tool

I know I should not. But I listened to The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission on the way home today. Richard Land is a moron, and I know that, but I keep holding out hope since he made a big deal out of apologizing for slavery in the 1990s.

Wow, what bravery. How about apologizing to science for the whole "earth at the center of the universe" controversy?

Well, today, Dr. Land took on the war on terror and spread the Iranian message far and wide. Yeah, he took the crazy preznit at his words (just as he does routinely with Bushy) and decided that Iran wants a new Islamic empire. Ok, fine. But then he pronounced the preznit's name--not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but rather "Abbadabadoo."

Yeah, that's right. Our Oxford PhD who speaks for the SBC can't be bothered to pronounce a Persian name. So much easier to make it a cartoon.


So here is what I sent to the good Doctor:

You have made great mileage out of defending the SBC "apology" for slavery, yet your comments about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed your true racist soul. Rather than pronounce his name, and then critique his outrageous statements (make no mistake, the man is crazy) you decided to call him "Abbadabadoo." I am so glad that the SBC has a PhD addressing key foreign policy issues.

Perhaps you should call your White Citizen Council "handlers" and assure them that you are attending to the white supremacy agenda.

There is a legitimate war on terror, and you choose instead to affect a jocular attitude and mispronounce "foreign" names as if you can't be bothered to learn their pronunciation.

Hey, news flash, you don't get to apologize for slavery and then assume that racism ended. I expect that from the klavern people who support you, but not an Oxford educated man who putatively cares about theology and morality.

Shame. Shame.


Nathan said...

Is there any audio of that? Between my esteemed Senator George Allen calling an American of Indian descent a french racial slur and this, racism proves to be alive and well - we just have to pay more attention when it pokes thru the surface.

Streak said...

Not that I know of.