August 14, 2006

Liberal media strikes again

Good old Crooks and Liars catches this exchange between Arianna Huffington and Howard Kurtz. Talking about media responsibility, Arianna says:
"I mean, you had your own headline anchorman, Chuck Roberts, describe Lamont as the al Qaeda candidate. This is an equally deceitful, fraudulent, fabricated statement. There should be zero tolerance for all those deceits, whether in images or words.

KURTZ: Well, what Chuck Roberts said, according to the transcript, was that some are calling Ned Lamont the al Qaeda candidate. But it's certainly not a formulation I would have used."

Funny story really. Searching Nexis Lexis, Arianna finds no other such reference. "Some are calling" is passive bullshit and this should be opposed at every damn level. Here we are again, some guy on a diary over at Kos makes a funny photoshop of pulling over a Lieberman statue ala Saddam, and the right wingers go nuts. But the RNC paints a hitler mustache on Dean and CNN anchors call a Democratic candidate an Al Qaeda candidate.

Every day, I get prouder and prouder to be liberal, and more and more ashamed of the conservatives in my country.


But, one bit of good news, btw, also from C&L, [via Newsweek] this grownup Repub sighting:
At the same time, […]Dick Cheney, darkly warned that the Connecticut primary victory of antiwar candidate Ned Lamont over Sen. Joseph Lieberman would only encourage "Al Qaeda types." (Interviewed by NEWSWEEK, former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge bridled at his former colleague’s remark: "That may be the way the vice president sees it," he said, "but I don’t see it that way, and I don’t think most Americans see it that way.")

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