August 31, 2006

A belated thanks to Zalm

A few months back, when I was feeling pretty low and down about our country, Zalm suggested that I listen to Mark Erelli's "Seeds of Peace." I downloaded the song soon after, but then just lost track of it. A Ubub suggestion of using an Itunes playlist to look at rarely played songs brought it to my attention this very morning. As you can see from my earlier posts, I need this song today as much as when Zalm suggested it.

Some of the lyrics:
"What's become of my country torn by contradiction
The spirit of freedom propped up by a culture of fear
Where it's unpatriotic to protest or even to question
Have we learned nothing from history or the last couple years

And the rain pours down
On the fallow ground
And the fruited plain as barren as the sand
Is it not within our will
How long must we wait until
The seeds of peace find purchase in this land

He stood on the deck and he said we'd accomplished our mission
He twisted the facts 'til he knew it would pass for the truth
Vengeance can fill any fool with conviction
But he can't wash the blood of the fallen from his cowboy boots


I will not be shamed into silence by partisan thunder
I won't fall in line and march to the drums on the wind
How many more daughters and sons will we see plowed under
How much longer must we wait 'til the harvest comes in"

1 comment:

zalm said...

you're certainly welcome.

that song keeps making it back on my playlists as well.

"the only way" is another track from that album that's been good for me. i'm no connoisseur of 9/11-inspired songs, but it's one of the better ones that i've heard.