August 15, 2006

In case anyone thinks I am a democratic shill

Tonight, just received a "poll" from one of the candidates in the State senate race (My friend Mary will love this story, and my other friend M will too). "Poll" goes "who you voting for?"

I say TE.

"Poll" asks, would it matter if I knew that TE had registered to vote in the last six months?

I say, "is this a push poll?"

"Poll" chuckles. Repeats question.

I say, and this damn near a quote: "I will say that I have met JS, and like him, but if I get any more of this negative shit, I won't vote for him EVER."

1 comment: said...

Unbelievable. I, too, am voting for TE, and never more proudly than now. I hope we get one of those push poll calls so I ask the pollster if he is ashamed of what he is doing.