August 22, 2006

SBC "mea culpa"

Found this post over at Jesus Politics where Wade Burleson evidently feels bad about how the SBC takeover occurred. I click with interest. After all, this used to be my denomination and that purge had a deep impact on my view of church. Then I get over to Mr. Burleson's blog and find that he wanted a "kindler, gentler" purge. Liberals are bad and should be kicked out, but it should have been done nicer. And the worst thing that conservatives did? They called other conservatives "liberals."

"Now I realize I was fighting for the wrong thing. I should have been fighting for Southern Baptists to TALK to each other, to PRAY with each other, to COOPERATE with each other, to LOVE each other, rather than to divide into sides and conquer one another. True, classical liberals need to be removed from any positions of authority in the SBC, but it should be done in a proper manner, following all protocol and procedures established for such an event.


However, I now realize that several good, solid conservative evangelical Christians have been slandered and maligned. Men who are gracious, gentle and gospel believers have been called liberal, heretics, and even worse. "

Worse? Worse than a liberal? Please say it isn't so, Wade.

Well, though reading stuff like this raises my blood pressure and brings on a few expletives, it also serves a good purpose. It reminds me why I am no longer a Southern Bapist. No room for liberals.

You can have it, Wade.

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Nicole said...

Amen. After spending the first 22 years of my life in the SBC, I just can't do it anymore. Let them have their religious club, I never was one much for clubs.