August 21, 2006

Lieberman may not be registered as a Repub, but he sure lies like one

Interesting. Lieberman, in an obvious bid to blunt some of the image of him kissing the President, told Face the Nation that he thought Rummy should go. But he also told them that he had said that for the last three years. Hmm. As it turns out, he lied For the last three years, he has defended Rummy. That is one of the reasons that Bush likes him so much.

But that said, here is a prediction. I predict that Karl Rove will convince Bush to fire Rumsfeld, give him the Presidential Medal of Freedom (of course, he gives it to all the incompetents, liars and torturers). Why? Not because Bush will admit he was wrong, but to take pressure off the midterm elections.

I actually hope I am wrong and Bush remains as stubbornly dedicated to incompetence that it makes it easier to run against him. And, I am absolutely sure that who ever he would pick to replace Rummy will be an incompetent boob. Perhaps even worse. Has he improved on any of his cabinet level choices yet? Pushes out O'Neill for Snow? Pushes out Powell for Condi, Condi, Condi?

If he was smart, he would reach out to James Baker and maybe even put Baker in that role. That would restore some element of power to the position (vis a vis the neocons) and also establish a reality check there.

But he isn't smart. Bush will regret that Kissinger is probably off the table. Given his tendency to rehabilitate past Republican criminals (Poindexter, Negroponte, Kissinger), he could tap G. Gordon Liddy for the post.

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