August 31, 2006

Speaking of our idiot leadership

And World War II analogies, Matthew Yglesias points out the problems with comparing our current situation to 1939.
Back to Iran. Talk of a unified Qaeda/Iran/Hezbollah/Syria menace is nonsense as a casual scan of actual Sunni jihadist views will make clear. As Fred Kaplan notes, if Churchill and FDR had operated with the Bush mentality, 'they might not have formed an alliance with the Soviet Union (out of a refusal to negotiate with evil Communists), and they might have therefore lost the war.'

It's worse than that, though -- they might have proposed attacking the Soviet Union in the middle of the war because Bolshevism and Nazism were both species of Eurofascism."

Exactly. This is what you get when you combine religious fundamentalism and foreign policy. Why not make Tim LaHaye our Secretary of State? Cut to the chase?


Greek Shadow said...

Read William Buckley's op-ed on yahoo. Talk about not being able to figure out cause and effect!

Tony said...

Even though I don't agree with everything you say Streak, you make some VERY good points. You are right; it is even beginning to dawn on conservatives...I was impressed (from a conservative standpoint) on Bush's first term...the second has been sorely lacking.

Oh yeah...and the one about LaHaye as Sec of state...that is a laugh riot!!!

Streak said...

I appreciate it, Tony. I am tempted to see how even the first term was positive from a conservative perspective (government grew, deficit grew, unilateral foreign policy, etc), but will take your agreement on the second term.