November 12, 2006

2006 top Albums--part three--Centro-Matic

I bought Centro-Matic's Fort Recovery after reading the buzz from other musicians. I had heard some of their songs, and saw one of the band members perform with Slobberbone, but had never purchased an album. The album grew slowly. I loved "Calling Thermatico" from the beginning, but it took a while for the rest of the album to grow on me, and to warm to Will Johnson's voice.

We caught the band's one hour set at ACL. They had a tough gig--playing a 12:30 set in 90 degree heat. Hard to really excel in that setting, but they did more than fine. It was clearly one of the best sets of the festival. Now the album is in pretty solid rotation and a clear top-ten finisher. Give them a listen.


Martijn said...

hey there,

you mentioned you saw Slobberbone? i'm a huge fan, too bad they split up... tell me your Slobberbone experience(s)?



Streak said...

Saw them at VZD's in Oklahoma City. They put on one of the best rock performances I have seen in person. They were a great band and I am sorry they broke up too.