November 20, 2006

Ok, time for some football--I am done with Jake the Snake

This will make CIL laugh, since he has been saying this for sometime, but I am done with Jake Plummer. After watching San Diego's comeback last night and watching Jake throw away two late opportunities to either win or tie, I am done. He doesn't have "it," whatever "it" is. He threw a stupid pick, and then allowed a sack and fumble instead of getting rid of the ball. Not only that, but earlier in the game, on a crucial third down, he simply dropped a snap. I am done.

In other football news, Al Michaels is the most over-rated broadcaster in the media. I am actually amazed at how often supposedly good football broadcaters miss critical plays on the field because they are chatting, and Michaels is one of those. Late last night, San Diego was called for a unsportsman delay of the game. Michaels told us that was a defender holding the offensive player down after a tackle and not letting them get up for the hurryup. Having just seen the play, I knew that wasn't it, but Michaels didn't even bother to notice that the replay showed clearly that the defender kicked the ball away from the ref. Instead, Al repeated his earlier claim.

I am done with him too.


ubub said...

"Jake Plummer? He's dead to me. Al Michaels? Dead. Dead to me."

Maybe we can change Jake Plummer's nickname to Jake "Fredo" Plummer. "You broke my heart, Fredo. You broke my heart.

Les Puryear said...

Having watched Philip Rivers for four amazing years at NC State I'm not surprised at what he's doing in the NFL now. Denver never had a chance. :)

BTW, I agree with you about Jake and Al. Also, what's up with this Tony Kornheiser dude on MNF? I can't stand him.