November 9, 2006

He broke the Presidency

I don't read Maureen Dowd that often, but this one is worth a look:
"Poppy Bush and James Baker gave Sonny the presidency to play with and he broke it. So now they're taking it back."

An interesting take on this complicated family. The other day, it appeared that Bush might have truly believed he was going to win on Tuesday, but his subsequent comments suggest that he knew last week that he was going to have to dump Rumsfeld. Stupid politics, though. I think dumping Rummy last month would have saved the senate for them. The might have won New Jersey and Rhode Island and very well won in Virginia. Lots and lots of Republicans went to the polls this time saying, I know it is my party, but these guys are incompetent.

I wish Rummy had left 4 years ago when something positive might have been done in Iraq. But at least he is leaving.

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ubub said...

It's not entirely surprising that he might have sincerely believed he was going to win. He is after all the "Bubble Boy" President, kept hermetically sealed from those troubling demonstrators who are safely tucked away in their Free Speech Zones and spared the difficulty of closely reading the PDBs. Hard work indeed.