November 14, 2006

With Christmas around the corner

Here is a really cool list of cool sites where ordinary people might make a difference in someone's life. We have been fans of Heifer International for sometime, but here are a few others.
A micro-loan is as little as a few hundred dollars invested into a one-person business with minimal qualifications. That tiny borrowed amount can launch a vegetable stand, repair shop, or bicycle taxi -- a living in other words. As each micro-loan is repaid (and most are), the effects of that small goodness are amplified and leveraged by being loaned out and invested again and again. Micro-loans are the world's only perpetual motion machines.


Sean Carter said...

Long Live Grameen Bank!!

mary said... is one my kids and I have been looking at to get involved with micro-loans. Apparently they got some media attention recently, and many of the projects are now fully funded, but I know they're bringing more online. Such a cool idea, and thanks for bringing it up as we move towards Holiday Frenzy....

Wasp Jerky said...

I'm with you on Heifer. I've never donated to them, but how can you go wrong with an organization that let's you buy a family a water buffalo?