November 5, 2006

Sunday night

With the Sooners pulling one out yesterday and the Broncos today, I will call this a good football weekend. I am starting to hate John Mellencamp at a deep personal level, but still a good football weekend.

I will be glad when this election is done, though. I am also hating political ads of all stripes, though mostly from the Republican side. Saw one here locally the other night where a candidate's mom was assuring me that she raised her son to rely on his Biblical values to fight corruption. Dude, if you need the Bible to recognize that cheating the public good is wrong, then we ARE in trouble.

Annoys me. We all know what corruption is. Just as we know it is wrong when Republicans have signs around polling places telling voters that voting for democrats is voting for more terrorism. Spineless weenies.

But the weekend is still a success. Sierra Nevada Christmas beer is out and it is spectacular as usual. SOF made a fabulous potato soup, and we are girding up for the week ahead. The week to face the failed shell of democracy. :)


mary said...

HEY. No "failed shell of democracy" comments allowed until we see what happens Tuesday. I'm hanging on to a very, very slender thread of optimism here...

Streak said...

fair enough!

ubub said...

Mellencamp has almost out-Tobied Toby - I didn't think he could be outdemagogued. "Our country?" I'm not sure anymore.

Sooners won, Badgers won, Bears not only lost but came out flat, stayed flat, and gave it away. Somehow, that cancels out the other two. The transitive property of football or something.

I am wondering how our referendum the Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, which of course is already illegal, AND anything similar for anyone, here in Badgerland.

JMG said...

What is it with repubicans putting their moms in their ads? Our republican senate candidate is doing the same thing, and so did the guy who ran for county trustee. Wierd.

Streak said...

Ubub, I said that the Broncos won. NOt sure your math is right.

JMG, not sure. I found it pathetic, but then again, my pathetic alarm keeps going off.