November 21, 2006

Bush should not pardon a turkey

Jon Swift is normally funny, but brilliant when he suggests that Bush should not pardon the Thanksgiving turkey and send a message to the terrorists.
"Instead of giving a jokey speech full of holiday bromides, he could show up in the Rose Garden this holiday season wielding an axe and after condemning the turkey to death, he could carry out the execution immediately, the way they do in China. Just to be on the safe side, in case the turkey tries to get away, Vice President Cheney could stand on the sidelines with his shotgun to make sure it doesn't get far. Pictures of the President beheading the turkey would be on the front pages of every newspaper in the Middle East and on Al-Jazeera, replacing the usual pictures of terrorists beheading hostages. That would put the fear of God into those who think they can push the United States around."


Anonymous said...

you are RIGHT!!!!
but we should use a chainsaw for increased carnage and media coverage "President chainsaws Turkeys Head off!" that would restore national pride, and add a new item to "you know your a redneck when...."

volfan007 said...



P.M. Prescott said...

I like the chainsaw approach. Bush needs to stuff his pants with a sock again and act more macho. This election has made him look a little puny.