November 7, 2006

Election day

I voted and for the first time in my voting history voted straight-ticket Democrats. I have certainly leaned that way since the first Bush administration, but never saw myself as a straight-ticket voter. But watching the Republicans do robo-calling and other "dirty tricks" clearly aimed to disenfranchise as many people as possible, I cannot stomach them any more. The Democratic party is hardly a prize, but compared to the Republicans they look better and better.

It isn't that all Republicans are this way--of course that isn't true. That is what makes it so difficult. I know Republicans who do not stand for what Rove and his gang do, but they either are unaware or distracted by the gays marrying burning flags. Either way, it is counter to the basic notions of our democracy.

Well, off to class and hoping that something turns out right.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Intersting for us. As I was trying to vote out some incumbents, I voted Libertarian for the first time in a while since there weren't any democrats even running against some of the district -wide races. Thanks to the Hammer and his redistricting, democrats don't even bother in some of these half mile wide and 500 mile long districts.

Streak said...

One nice little twist in this election is that Delay's successor is the same guy he redistricted out of office (illegally).

Starting to believe in karma.

ubub said...

I voted for the Green candidates for Treasurer, Clerk, Coroner, and those other Why-do-we-elect-them-positions. (Yes, I know about Popuilsm and Progressivism, but still.)