November 2, 2006

Why doesn't Bush apologize to the troops?

Olbermann deftly recalls Brooks/Sumner when a Southern congressman nearly beat a Northern Senator to death, and his Brooks' constituents responded by sending him more canes. Nice. Got to love the South. And got to love just how cynical Bush and the Republicans are to use a misstep as an attack on the troops. Their entire policy has been an attack on the troops.

This entire Kerry joke is an amazing testimony to just how bad our press really is. As slacktivist notes reporters spend more time "examining the political effectiveness of Bush's baldly disingenuous claims to be offended on behalf of the 'troops' than they ever will examining the many reasons those troops have to be offended on account of Bush." Remember the WMD "skit?" The one where our President jokes about looking for weapons of mass destruction under his desk while people die in the war he started with that ruse in mind? Or the vaunted "bring it on" which only emboldened the insurgents. Sorry, I forgot. Only liberals can do that. Conservatives have the corner on patriotism and defending the troops.

Conservatives can undermine our very ability to fight by continuing tax cuts during the "war for our survival" and cutting military benefits and programs for military families. John Boehner criticizes the generals for what is going on in Iraq, and that wasn't even a joke. Where is the outrage? The death rate soars in Iraq, but as Jon Stewart noted wryly last night on the Daily Show, it becomes news when John Kerry mangles a joke.

As I said in the comments, when a liberal mangles a joke, it becomes proof (as the asshole Glen Beck said on his show before I could switch channels) that Kerry would have made a terrible president. When Bush mangles a sentence, it is called Tuesday.

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ubub said...

Where was this interest and attention when the VP effectively endorsed torture by calling waterboarding a "no-brainer?"