January 11, 2008

The Economist on Ron Paul

Suggests that the person who wrote those hateful things in his newsletter is still part of Paul's circle of friends.


Bootleg Blogger said...

I don't see any way out of this. Hard for me to stomach the ignorance plea. Wouldn't you read your own newsletter? Wouldn't SOMEBODY read it and let you know there's some stuff that could come back to bite you? Wouldn't you have a clue who was controlling your newsletter even if you were out of office? A retraction in the next newsletter might work, but years later???

I haven't seen where Paul has lied for convenience in any other forums- he seems to tell the truth regardless of consequences so I'd like to believe when he says he's not a racist in the sense he's being portrayed. (I never believe anyone who says they're not a racist and follows it with examples of friends or heroes from minority groups. Deep down I can't imagine an adult over 40yrs old that doesn't have some little pocket of bigotry hiding somewhere.) Like others have said, though, the ignorance (if true) is very disturbing.-BB

steves said...

I am still not sure, but his lack of really wanting to address this issue is troubling. I am still of the camp that says he has done a poor job managing his underlings, as I still need to see more evidence of actual racism.