January 5, 2008


Watching football tonight, and heard Al Michaels joke about waterboarding. He is a Republican troll, but still...

But SOF heard Mara Liassen say that the "insurgents won" in Iowa. Yes. Because Obama and the idiot Huckabee are insurgents.


Speaking of the idiot, Tony said in the comments that Huckabee might pick David Barton as his Sec of Education. I am sorry that Ubub is out of the country for this one! It just cements Huckabee as a moron. Makes me wonder if he would choose Pat Robertson as Sec Def (can pray hurricanes away from us) or large hateful John Hagee (wants to bomb Iran). And I don't even want to think who would oversee government science grants. Perhaps Benny Hinn.

Huckabee makes Romney look better and better.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- Surely Huckabee can't survive a real campaign with this kind of stuff coming from him? This would make great fodder for a debate or campaign ad under a normal year. Of course, Romney's trying to keep the religion thing under the radar so he may be reluctant to bring it up agains Huckabee.

Here's the interview. The part you reference goes:

So the public schools should teach children there is a God, and our rights come from God? They should teach them that?

(Huckabee): If they teach our history, they have to teach that. But they don't have to teach them how they are going to specifically believe in that God. That's where the line comes. But the thing is, we shouldn't be afraid of giving kids the truth about our American history and heritage. We ought to make sure they know what it is. David Barton, who is one of my dear friends, and probably, I think, maybe the greatest living historian on the spiritual nature of America's early days, is a person who I wish was writing the curriculum. But unfortunately, we have a time where people just don't even acknowledge what our curriculum is.

Right Wing Watch has some pretty good comments on Barton's credibility or lack thereof.

Any questions anyone has about Huckabee are being answered every time he opens his mouth.
Later- BB

Bootleg Blogger said...

Oops, streak. Didn't see that Tony had referenced the article. Didn't read down far enough. Sorry for the duplication.

Regarding "waterboarding" and "inurgents"- another example of trying to make the words meaningless by overusage or joking about them. OR maybe just a reflection that they've already become meaningless.
Later- BB

ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

That's what you get for watching football. Just kidding.

steves said...

"So the public schools should teach children there is a God, and our rights come from God? They should teach them that?"

This is a hard question. On one hand, public schools should not be teaching about God. OTOH, the concept of inalienable rights and other rights is based on natural law and this concept, while not wholly religious in nature, has roots in Christian philosophy.

That being said, one can obviously benefit from these rights without being religious and can also explain them without religion, but they still have some relgious origins.

Streak said...

Yeah, I don't disagree. I think the role that Christian philosophy is well worth discussing. But the Barton school is not really about that. It is presenting a politicized view of the past to justify certain political stances of the present.

steves said...

Barton seems to have some serious issues with credibility as a historian. I really don't know much about him, though.