January 25, 2008


As I noted in the comments about yesterday's vote in the Senate, I called several Senate offices to voice my opposition to telecom immunity. I am still wondering how anyone with even a bit of moral sense can vote for this. Of course, the Republicans will vote in lemming style. Sigh.


Speaking of conservatives, The Washington Note suggests that Huckabee will be the VP nominee of choice fro whoever wins the nomination. Yeah, that's right. A lying racist will be on the ticket to appeal to the "moral" base.

Seriously, I don't get it. The religious conservatives don't mind a racist. Where does that come from in their Bible?

That makes me wretch more than sigh.


Interesting poll at Beliefnet on Evangelical political opinions. Some positive trends there. Most prioritize ending torture and saving the environment. That doesn't explain how they continue to vote Republican when the GOP appears to have the slogan of "Torture a baby seal for Jesus" but it suggests that there is a tide of change there. I hope.

But then I read down and found two disturbing questions. #22 asks if they believe that the "the Constitution established the U.S. as a Christian nation?" That is the American Constitution, I hope, and the same one that doesn't even mention God. 54 percent say yes, suggesting that the idiot David Barton is more effective than Gordon Wood or Mark Noll. Sigh.

#23 asks:
George W. Bush has talked about his faith and how it influences his policy positions. Would you like the next president do more of this, less of this, or about the same?
While split between more, less and about the same, more has the most votes. In what world has Bush's faith discussions been positive? Anyone?

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