January 1, 2008

Huckabee says "I hate campaign stunts. Here is a stunt to prove it."

Print Story: Analysis: Huckabee may have gone too far on Yahoo! News: "After running an unconventional, surprisingly strong and sometimes strange race to the top tier of the Republican presidential campaign, the former Arkansas governor topped himself Monday with an eyebrow-raising campaign stunt.

He called a news conference to unveil a negative ad that he had just withdrawn from Iowa television stations because, he told a room full of journalists recording the ad, he had a sudden aversion to negative politics. Quite a convenient epiphany.

'If people want to be cynical about it,' Huckabee said, 'they can be cynical about it.'

If he loses Iowa's caucuses on Thursday, New Year's Eve will forever mark the day Huckabee blew it — the day a group of reporters stopped laughing with the witty Republican and laughed at him."


steves said...

That stunt was pretty puzzling. It is like when someone says, "I hate to have to say this," and then says it anyways.

Bitebark said...

I don't know about you, but I choose my presidential candidates solely on their level of passive-aggression.

And Huck totally has my vote!


Tony said...

I think this will be conveniently forgotten come Thursday.