January 15, 2008

Morality vs. Politics and stuff

Over at TPMCafe there is a new book discussion with convicted New Hampshire phone jammer Allen Raymond:
"I was never hired by a campaign to be the moral compass. In fact, morality is a slippery slope and not a political dialogue I would willingly enter or incite. I was hired to engineer victory. With so much at stake, morality was not a luxury to be afforded candidates or their staff."
As a Republican campaign operative at the Republican National Committee it was drilled into me that election law attorneys serve the purpose identifying the bright line of the law so it could be taunted but not crossed. Anybody who has a problem with that or doesn’t get it doesn’t understand America. America is about self interest, within the rule of law.
Damn. I hope that isn't the case. But I fear he is right. But if you are interested, check this discussion out. I have followed a few over the years and they are often very interesting and include a wide range of voices. In other words, unlike the right wing sites I see, this one actually includes conservative voices.


Evidently Huck tried to defend his earlier support for the SBC submission policy.
In one moment that could resonate with Christian conservatives who could dominate South Carolina voting, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee forcefully defended an earlier statement backing the biblical admonition that wives should submit to their husbands.

"I'm not the least bit ashamed of my faith or the doctrines of it," Huckabee said. "I don't try to impose that as a governor, and I wouldn't impose it as a president. But I certainly am going to practice it unashamedly.... "
But did so again by lying. Again.
He went on to explain that the Bible also commands husbands to submit to their wives and that marriage requires each spouse to give 100 percent to the other.
True. And that has always been the progressive response. But that isn't what the SBC voted for. And it isn't what Huck supported then. Evidently, this resonates with conservatives because they don't have a problem with a liar as long as he quotes enough Bible verses?


In other news, Bush's war has left our forces so depleted that we are at risk here on the home front. "But he is pro-military, Streak. Every winger knows that. Just as they know that God prefers Americans to non-Americans and that God sometimes removes his "covering" when we are nice to gay people."


But the realities of yet another massive Bush failure is there for the reading. I am sure they will blame all of this on Clinton, but Bush had the Presidency and complete control of Congress for 5 years. This is his world. We just live in it. And every conservative who defended him owes us an apology. And if you just turn around and vote for Huckabee, you are simply voting for a Bush who can speak in complete sentences.


Speaking of pandering, C&L has our friend Rudy discovering religion.

Not sure we have to say anything else. Except, I wonder if he ends his prayers with "Amen, 9-11"

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leighton said...

Morality is a slippery slope? Toward what, exactly? Submitting to rule of law?