January 5, 2008

News review

Did you know there was a Wyoming caucus? Did you know Wyoming had delegates? Did you know Wyoming is a state? :)

Oh, and Romney won it.


Eugene Robinson found some hope in Obama's victory:
The Iowa caucuses showed us the America we like to believe we live in, a country ready to embrace a man with brown skin as its leader.

Jon Swift, as only he can, explains the Iowa caucus
The other big winners were white voters and white members of the party establishment. By voting for Barack Obama, they were able to prove that they are not racist.

Oh, and Obama has a lead in New Hampshire polls.


Talk2Action notes how well the David Barton school has done in convincing most Americans that the founders intended the country to be a Christian nation.


Oh, and this just in, Bill O'Reilly is still an ass.


steves said...

O'Reilly's version is slightly different, but I agree he is still an ass.

The latest polling data I saw said that Obama and Clinton were tied.

Streak said...

But it isn't much different. And I wonder how much credibility the "billo" has now.

New Hampshire was supposed to be a slam dunk for Hillary, so this is a big challenge. I think a lot of people in NH who wanted to vote for Obama now might vote for him after seeing that ultra-white Iowa did.

leighton said...

I spent 16 hours on a bus this week next to a 17-year-old who didn't know Wyoming was a state while we were driving through it. It was interesting.

Tony said...

Have you read that David Barton might be Huckabee's choice for Secretary of Education???

Just one more reason to be very afraid...

Streak said...

Dammit, Tony. Now I don't know if I can sleep at night.

That makes Huckabee even more of a moron.

leighton said...


Curse you, Huckabee, for making me resort to Japanese emoticons to express my dismay!

steves said...

I already didn't like Huckabee. It isn't as if my decision is coming down to who he would appoint for a minor position.

Streak said...

Well, Steve, it would be like appointing a television lawyer for Attorney General, or a tv doctor for Surgeon General.

steves said...

I kind of think that Matlock could have done a better job than Gonzales.

Streak said...

Fair enough. :)

Cold In Laramie said...

Streak, There is no reason or cause to mock Wyoming. So what - it is still a territory. But it really exists. However, there have been times driving around the state where I wondered if I was not in that specific place, if it really existed. That being said, I had the same though driving through Nebraska.
-- CIL

Streak said...

There is no reason or cause to mock Wyoming.

That is a bald faced lie and you know it. Wyoming may exist but there are multiple reasons to mock it.


Small Glimpses said...

If Grandma B were still living she would give you a stern talkin' to especially since she was a precinct captain in her beloved Wyoming. :)