January 7, 2008

Tax cuts--updated

Sorry, had to post this.

Running errands today, I heard two different stories where Republicans--both nationally and here in Ok--are still pushing for tax cuts. Yeah, the deficit is growing and undermining our dollar, but we have to have more tax cuts.

Seriously? Are Republicans that bad at math? I am not good at it, but come on! Even I believe we should pay for things--even when those things are poorly conceived and managed wars. Is there something in the water? Oh, we have a surplus? Tax cuts. Oh, we have a deficit? Tax cuts. Economy is strong, you say? Tax cuts. Economy in the dumper? You know what will cure that? Some more tax cuts.

Just as long as your grandkids have to pay the bill. No wonder Republicans have the reputation for fiscal responsibility.

Updated--Turns out I was channelling Paul Krugman: "
When the economy was (sorta, kinda) strong, it showed that tax cuts work, and so we needed to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Now the economy is falling off a cliff — although according to the White House, nobody is predicting a recession (I seem to know an awful lot of nobodies) — and you know what that means: we’d better make the Bush tax cuts permanent."

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