January 31, 2008

Right wing dialogue

Glenn Greenwald - Political Blogs and Opinions - Salon: "Writing about last night's GOP debate, John Hinderaker of Powerline, Time's 2004 Blog of the Year, shared this observation:

"Businessmen, in my experience, are generally more idealistic than politicians. Businessmen really do make deals with a handshake. No one would dream of doing that with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or the Clintons. . . .
I don't view this as an argument in Romney's favor. As President, he wouldn't be dealing with honorable, law-abiding businesspeople. He would be going up against the Vladimir Putins, Osama bin Ladens and Harry Reids of the world.

That passage was then promptly quoted by National Review's Mark Steyn, who said that Hinderaker 'might be on to something.'"

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