July 4, 2007

The 4th of July

I will post more on the disaster that is our President. If you missed Keith Olbermann's Special Comment, then check it out. Keith is pissed off. I like it.

But in the meantime, here is my 4th of July post that presents a cynical and jaded hope for a real democracy and real President.

Wasp Jerky pointed to this song in the comments and it is a great damn song. Go download it now. Go. Now.

What are you waiting for? Ok, well, the lyrics are here
"If a song could be president
We’d hum on Election Day
The gospel choir would start to sway
And we’d all have a part to play

The first lady would free her hips
Pull a microphone to her lips
Break our hearts with Rhythm and Blues
Steve Earle would anchor the news

We’d vote for a melody
Pass it around on an MP3
All our best foreign policy
Would be built on harmony

If a song could be president
We’d fly a jukebox to the moon
All our founding fathers’ 45’s
Lightnin’ Hopkins and Patsy Cline
If a song could be president

If a song could be president
We could all add another verse
Life would teach us to rehearse
Till we found a key change

Break out of this minor key
Half-truths and hypocrisy
We wouldn’t need an underachiever-in-chief
If a song could be president

We’d make Neil Young a Senator
Even though he came from Canada
Emmylou would be ambassador
World leaders would listen to her

They would show us where our country went wrong
Strum their guitars on the white house lawn
John Prine would run the FBI
All the criminals would laugh and cry
If a song could be president"

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