July 5, 2007

President Defends War on July 4th - washingtonpost.com

Of course he does. And that should not surprise us. Nor, I guess, that he found a small group of people who generally support the president.
President Defends War on July 4th - washingtonpost.com: ""Your service is needed. We need for people to volunteer to defend America," the president said.
Noting, of course, that he had been too busy drinking to defend America when he had the opportunity.
The audience, which was crammed in a corner of a hangar draped with two-story-high American flags, included troops in uniform and the children, spouses, mothers and fathers of serving Guard members.

Most said they are solidly behind the president -- who spent 20 minutes shaking hands after his remarks -- and the mission in Iraq.

"I love him, and my son loves him. He gets the job done," said Donna L. Ruppenthal, of Hedgesville, W.Va., whose son is serving in Iraq."
All due respect to Donna Ruppenthal, of Hedgesvill, W. Va., (and Godspeed to her son in Iraq and best wishes that he return home safe) but what in the world makes her say that "he gets the job done?" What has he done?
"I'm glad we came. I think it helped clear up some confusion and some misgivings about our reasons for being there," said Chris Davis, 56, who has a 26-year-old son in the Guard. "The president gave us some pride, knowing what [our son] is doing for the country."
Again, all due respect to those who are actually paying the price for this disastrous war, but what has the President actually said that explains what we are doing in Iraq besides, "be deathly afraid because the rest of the world wants to kill you in your home?"
Others, however, remained unimpressed. "I've heard it all before," said Patti Scott, 72, of Richmond. "I just don't approve of the war."
At least there was one.

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