July 8, 2007

The Deliberations Of The Decider

I know I am hammering on this, but I can't get over the contrast between the Christian image this man sells and the actual life.
Crooks and Liars � The Deliberations Of The Decider: "In his memoir, Mr. Bush wrote about agonizing over the case of Karla Faye Tucker, who in 1998 became the first woman executed in Texas since the Civil War. Ms. Tucker, who was convicted in the ax murders of two people during a robbery in 1983, had become a born-again Christian while in prison, and her case drew support from across the political spectrum. Mr. Bush described feeling “like a huge piece of concrete was crushing me” as he waited with aides for Ms. Tucker’s execution. It was, he said, “the longest 20 minutes of my tenure as governor.“"
20 whole minutes. That after mocking her in an interview. That after devoting an entire 30 minutes to reviewing Al Gonzales' truncated reports on each death penalty case before the Governor. Hell, I spent more time agonizing over giving a D or an F to a student. A damn grade. Reversable and often irrelevant. Yet Bush gives less time to deciding the life or death of someone.

That is, until he needs to help Scooter out.

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