July 13, 2007

See, this is just funny

Family Values Senator David Vitter
has given a whole new meaning to roll call. Deborah Jean Palfrey (aka DC Madam) placed five phone calls to Vitter while he was a House member from 1999 to 2001, including two during roll call votes in the House that Vitter was present for, according to Palfrey's phone records and congressional records. Meanwhile, another name has appeared on the list that keeps on giving; this time it is conservative pundit and strategist Jack Burkman. (Boston Globe, Think Progress)"
Of course, Vitter was one of the Republican Right shocked, SHOCKED that Bill Clinton was sexually active outside his marriage and saying that he had lost the moral standing to govern.

Meanwhile, conservatives on the MSM asked why we were wasting time on this story when there were so many more important ones out there. The same conservatives, however, didn't mind the Monica stories before. The same conservatives who now say that this is focusing on sexual issues instead of political issues forget that they changed the rules. They politicized sex and morality and now are wondering why they are suddenly being hoisted by their own petard. Whatever the hell that is.

Meanwhile, the rest of us chuckle each time a self-righteous bastard is caught calling a hooker from the House floor. It is just too funny.


Anonymous said...

Streak, I don't know if you saw this, but earlier in the week Vitter said in a press conference that, and I paraphrase, "God and his wife forgave him." Since God forgave him for his flaws, I think you should lay off :).
-- CIL

Streak said...

Of course, you are correct. But then again, I was only mocking the man.

I also saw that his wife said after the Monica-scandal that if her husband did something like that, she would go Lorena Bobbitt on him.

You think he bought her off like Kobe did his wife?