July 4, 2007

More on Scooter's deal

H/t to Anglican for this from Slate. Not only does Scooter get much more time, consideration and compassion than he would if he were a black or retarded inmate on Death Row (after all, what is more severe than the death penalty, Mr. President), but his actions directly contradict what his administration's policies are on sentencing. His administration has pushed to preclude judges from even considering all of the elements that the President sited in commuting Scooter's sentence--you know, like Scooter's public service, impact on his family and reputation, etc. When someone else tries to push for those factors to be considered by a trial judge, Bush and his cronies are "tough on crime" and actually backed legislation to make it illegal.

And it isn't just theoretical. In a recent Supreme Court case (US v. Rita) Victor Rita (not a close friend of the President or Vice President) was convicted of lying while giving grand jury testimony.
At sentencing, he argued that he should receive a sentence below the range in the federal guidelines because he was elderly and sick, had served for 24 years as a Marine, including tours in Vietnam and the first Gulf War, and was vulnerable to abuse in prison because he'd worked in criminal justice on behalf of the government.

After receiving a within-the-guidelines sentence of 33 months, Rita appealed on the ground that the sentence was unreasonable given the nature of his offense and his personal circumstances. The Bush administration opposed Rita's appeal.

Silly Victor Rita. How dare he assume that his service in the Marines would matter if he wasn't a close personal friend of the President and had lied under oath to protect our grotesque Vice President.

Worst President in the World.

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