July 14, 2007

A mild and cute complication

As if our lives weren't complicated enough, we decided to add another urchin to the family. Her name is Abbie and she was living at a local animal shelter until yesterday. She has worked her way into the family with startling ease--well, at least she has the humans well trained. The cats are still trying to figure out what she is, and the dogs are mildly annoyed at her casual flaunting of local rules and regulations.

Streak was really annoyed at her yesterday and kept giving me the "why do you hate me so much?" look last night. This morning, I took him with me to get coffee (he had a decaf soy latte*), and he was as happy as could be. The moment we came back inside, he had that disgusted "What is she still doing here?" look.

But given the complexities of the pack dynamics, all is well so far.

(*Of course, I am joking. Streak only drinks black coffee with a shot of espresso. I think he calls it a "depth charge")


Anonymous said...

Nice addition Streak - at first I thought it was going to be a cat.

Sarah said...

Awww! She's adorable!

That's it. My hunt for a third dog begins now.