July 12, 2007

Cool stuff

Usually I vent my rage at the Republican attempt to ruin our nation. This post is about useful consumer goods (and most consumer goods are not that useful) that I have actually used and approve of. © Streak approved, in other words.

Item number one comes thanks to Anglican (check out his great "cell phone" youtube post). Anglican alerted me to this amazing Tornado Notebook Chill Pad
that provides an inexpensive way to manage the heat of most laptops. It plugs into a usb port and runs a fan to dramatically reduce the laptop's generated heat and presumably improve the lifespan of the computer. I now use it regularly and can now put my macbook on my lap in the summer. Summer!


Next item is for those of us who shave--male and female. I found this on another blog (last year sometime) and have used the product for the last 6 months. I won't go back to regular shaving cream after using it and no longer need to buy the aftershave products. They have a free sample if you are interested. The "his" has more menthol, but both work very well and Streak approves this message.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Exactly when did you start shaving?-BB

ubub said...

That looks great! Thanks for your work and have a good day.

Streak said...

Exactly when did both of you start thinking you were funny?

Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- You float the bubble, I just pop it.-BB

Streak said...