October 15, 2006

Dobson, others not shocked by Bush White House Machiavelian approach

Because they share it. Bush's cynical manipulation isn't shocking to them because they emulate it. They do it all the time. When a racist like Tony Perkins can lecture anyone on morality, we are all the fool. When a braying ass like James Dobson can claim that God is on his side to cheering crowds, then our Republican is diminished. Our faith is undermined.

I certainly feel like an idiot. I really thought that conservative evangelicals would wake up. I thought it when no WMD were found. I really thought it when allegations of torture came out. And, bless me for my naivete, I thought some of them would wake up when a true believer noted that Bush was using them cynically.

All wrong. They didn't even blink at the WMD issue and made the transition to an alternative justification for the war almost before the Prez did. Worst of all, they never even hesitated at torture. The best of them just look the other way and pretend that it doesn't happen--that our country doesn't torture. The worst of conservative evangelicals cheer on the torture and justify it by focussing on the evil of the terrorists--or the golden rule turned on its head.

And that is still an amazing fact--all the conservative evangelicals who have told me that it is hard to feel compassion for someone who wishes them harm. All without irony. All without even a notion that the Jesus they claim called on them to love their enemy.

As for this latest, they simply attack the messenger--immediately. I should have expected nothing else from the likes of Dobson and others who have attacked their own colleagues for daring to address global warming or other, non-Dobson approved issues. When these people pass out the coolaid, it isn't a choice.

I see now that conservative evangelicals are so in bed with this President and his Mob version of Republican politics that nothing will dissuade them. Torture, Katrina, Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, habeus corpus, signing statments--if those don't raise an alarm bell, then NOTHING WILL.

Read below. I don't know if I can any longer. See how Tony Perkins, or James Dobson's political hand, emulates Tony Soprano. These people are something. That something is not anything close to Christian, but they are something.
Conservatives Rally Against Bush Aide-Turned-Critic - washingtonpost.com: "James Dobson, Charles W. Colson and other stalwarts of the conservative Christian movement defended the Bush administration and questioned the timing of the book's publication, a month before the midterm elections. Some suggested that Kuo had betrayed the White House.

'I feel sorry for him, because once you do something like this, you get your 15 minutes in the spotlight, but then after that nobody will touch you,' said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a Christian advocacy group in Washington. 'These kiss-and-tell books do more damage to the author than to the people they attack.'"


Tony said...


The Post article also says this: The book is being published at a pivotal moment not just for Republicans who are battling to maintain control of the House and Senate but also for conservative Christian voters, whose support for the GOP has dipped in recent polls.

It seems the causes of the dip are lost on us...or maybe not... Who really knows? I guess I cannot continue to ask that you hold out hope for us anymore, especially after a recent post ;-) The justifications grow and grow.

Can I borrow your line again?


Streak said...


My post came out of a lot of anger and frustration. I know there are many who reject the Dobson model. I am mostly frustrated at those who follow people like him without a question. I hate to see that.

Tony said...

Oh I know--and I understand. I was fretted with Dr. Dobson a long time before I found your blog. Yet whenever I say anything negative about him--or Bush for that matter--I just get blank stares and looks of incredulity, like I'm not supposed to question the system and when I do I'm a turncoat. I think I mentioned once before on your blog, Republican and Christian are not synonyms. I just hope the folks I serve see the obvious, that's all.

Streak said...

Thanks, Tony. I appreciate it and will keep you in mind when I rant.

Tony said...

Don't mind me--I know I'm in the minority.

Les Puryear said...


Hey! How about keeping me in mind when you rant? :>



Anonymous said...

Oh, Les, you are never far from my mind when a rant is unfolding. :)

Is that what you meant? Or do you mean that I should aim my rants at you?

you watch Kuo on 60 minutes tonight?

P.M. Prescott said...

I appreciate your reference to Tony Soprano. That's why instead of saying Religous Right I prefer Moral Mafia. They use the same sociopathic megalomaniac approach as any organized crime leader.