October 19, 2006

Who Will Protect Us From Him?, Sojourners Magazine/November 2006

Jim Wallis on the flawed theology of George W. Bush:
"A God who warns us not to trust in military might and who judges the rich and powerful most of all, and a Savior who challenges his disciples not just to see the log in their adversary’s eye but also the one in their own—all this seems quite foreign to the faith of George W. Bush. I don’t doubt his personal faith, but Bush’s bad theology (they are evil and we are good) is the foundation for his bad foreign policy and reveals an alarming lack of capacity for self-examination. The fact that he is president and (unlike Lincoln) believes that God is on his side poses a real threat to the safety of our children and the peace of the world."

Speaking of our president's faith, he is in Pennsylvania today (I think) campaigning (that part I know) for a Representative that had to admit to cheating on his wife, but claims that he didn't choke her. Lovely. Party of family values strikes again. Reminder, I know democrats cheat on their spouses. I am aware. I don't vote for them to quote the Bible. I vote for them to represent the people's interests in a legal and ethical manner.

But I digress. Remember how Kuo admitted putting coded Christianese in speeches? Little blurbs meant really for the faithful. This one
seems a little more overt:
""Mr. Sherwood has certainly admitted to what has gone on, and the president also believes that we're all sinners; we all seek forgiveness," Snow said."

Is that code? Or just more bullshit. I love how Republicans go to the "forgive the sinner" mode when it is their own people. There was absolutely no forgiveness for Bill Clinton, as our good Mob boss James Dobson reiterated not that long ago.

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