October 22, 2006

Jesus, they have no scruples

Watching the World Series tonight while I cook. I was stunned when Eminem sang the opening song. I guess misogyny is no barrier to the prime time. Then I was reminded that Kenny Rodgers (the pitcher) has been in several scrapes over the years and is a complete asshole.

But all of that was prelude to the gigantic sell-out of John Mellencamp singing his "song" "this is our country" at the World Fucking Series. That's right, the same exact song he sold to Chevy. I think this is called being a whore. Selling out to a company that would dare to commodify Rosa Park's civil rights stance, MLK's dream, or 9-11. Shame. Shame on all of them.

And I was thinking of writing a nice post about the need for civility. Sorry, that will have to wait.

I am telling you, that ad with Jesus on the cross is forthcoming. It is all for sale.


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