October 17, 2006

term "godly man" now meaningless

As if on cue, this from Jesus Politics
Welcome to Ethics Daily.com!: "'"We have every intention of out-praying, out-thinking, out-working, out-serving and out-loving our opponents," Sutton said. "And we will by the grace of God make this a Christian nation."
Shorter Sutton. We will make you Christian whether you like it or not.

And not to be outdone, Gary Bauer suggests that there is a conspiracy by the radical left (can anyone define radical left for me?) to further victimize Christians. You know, since they have only the leadership of the Senate, House, and Presidency. Poor Christians. Powerless and persecuted.
"There's an effort underway by the radical left and big media to suppress the Christian vote this year," said Bauer, chairman of American Values and the Campaign for Working Families. "They believe we are stupid enough to fall for it, and I believe with every fiber of my being you are smarter than all of them."
Dude, if you still support Bush after torture and habeous corpus, then you shouldn't raise the question of intelligence.

My favorite, though is good old Richard Land. Dr. Ethics--the same one who can't be bothered to learn the name of the Iranian president.
"I have had the privilege of knowing our president since 1988," added Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. "As Dr. Dobson said, he is not a perfect man. None of us are, but I'm telling you he is a godly man."
Oh, you are telling me he isn't perfect? Gee, I was really hoping for a perfect President. What stupidity! As if perfection is the issue. I certainly would not mind a flawed, but well-intentioned president. I think we have had many.

But if you look the other way while your minions torture others, and you are willing to undo 900 years of western civilization, being "flawed" is not the problem. But if Bush is a "godly man" then what the hell does that even mean?

And then Land played the victimization card again. Poor Georgie. People are so hard on him.
"I have never seen any politician who has been vilified and attacked and savaged the way this president has been vilified and attacked and savaged, and it is unfair," Land said.

Hmm. Falwell sold a video saying that Bill Clinton had killed people and ran a drug ring through Mena, Arkansas. The criticisms aimed at Bush are all about policy. He is an idiot who has blundered us into 2 poorly fought wars, has undermined our constitutional protections, and has turned us from a moral beacon to a nation that emulates the Soviet Union.


P.M. Prescott said...

The real problem with the Religious Political Bosses (moral mafia) is that as Bush goes down in flames because of his ineptitude so does their credibility and power. They have to spin, spin, spin just to stay in place.

Tony said...

The EthicsDaily article also says this: "Religious conservatives were a key voting bloc in President Bush's re-election in 2004. Recent polls suggest evangelicals may be less likely to vote for Republicans, if at all, this year. Rally speakers insisted that is not true."

As sad as this indictment sounds, how long will we (conservatives) continue to fool ourselves into believing that all is OK? I want to see a glimmer of hope in these statements but it is really hard. That Dr. Falwell's "consitutency" may not turn out to vote in future elections may be a blessing in disguise. This kind of political activism I cannot subscribe to.

btw...thanks for taking it easy on me in your last post, and I left a comment for you at Les' blog.